smooth flow

today was a fine. usually resting and eating there and here, but I managed to progress a bit on the game project. dialogue system is back online. no jail time for the birb today. mostly chilling along with them. today was overall good day. and sleep is here, however my other is also sleepy and asks me to not sleep. and proceeds to take a drooling nap with unknown due. should I respect their tire? or obey my selfishness? today I choose the latter because “my” day is over. I sleep when I want to. but sometimes you have to respect other people when you can. that is something I lack to do so I gotta lean. I’m slowly learning how to be a human. I’m way better than when I was unaware of myself. I’m different on the growth side. little bit late growth of knowledge, followed by lack of school. and small mistakes everywhere. my life is a disaster. but i will stand still on where I am rather than stranding on the white sea. I have no time to rest.

that’s all. I have no idea what I just wrote. please don’t take it seriously

sleep is here. see ya.


angry story

today was fine. I decided to continue developing the project, however midway trough I lost my interest to, so I just waited for my other to come back. the disaster was that the trash is filled too much, and dishes are all messed up. my other were busy all the night and kept saying they didn’t have any rest since back home. I felt all defeated and sinful. the last hour of night was disastrous. I have to wake up early next morning, which is another problem. all weight on me. that’s all.

sleep is here. see ya.

joyful day

today was very-a fine moment. I managed to do game project stuff, mostly asset making. and a little walk to the grocery store. I could feel calm and all fine. a little bit of negativity regarding of my bad thoughts, but soon enough I continued to work. and then the day is over. the game project finally saw a little movement as my will to make a game swings between yes and no.

that’s all. see ya.


today had a good start, and a bad end. also the hospital day. a report was made, and in conclusion small pill schedule change was made, considering the sleep issue. and then shopping time. the rain was bothersome, but we could buy stuff on the schedule and come back home successfully. and then a very calm time was there. we talked, and my other were being silly, which made me happy. early dinner, music listening, and I made myself negative again by thinking about the future of my life. basically, there is no hope. and there is sleep. I just want to end the day now.

that’s all. see ya.

mood issues

the negative unproductive mood saga continues. especially, today I begged for food stock, which was no good regarding of reality, and I was accused for. basically, there is a food stock, and i was just being selfish. in conclusion I’m alone. anyways, oh, also I shat on the bed again. have no idea why I keep shitting myself on the bed. every momentum seems to be a heavy negative mass. when my other is back from work, my mood recovers, and so a little fraction of game project development. and sleep. hope for no shitting like a baby. tomorrow is the hospital day. and is going to be a heavy rain weather. hope for the best.

that’s all. see ya.

oh, what a day!

as usual, the depression saga continued, as I kept sleeping for hours of hour and no motivation to develop. and eating, homework, waiting for my other to arrive, and then, finally back home. my mood shifts from negative to positive, and I was able to progress a little bit using that exact momentum. also I made a random dough food, which is not a bad attempt. was a good stomach filler.

today’s mood is still on the negative side, however, at night it flews away. maybe I’m feeling all alone at morning, I don’t know. what I think I may be slowly collecting myself back, so hopefully for the best performance back again.

I may post a picture of my birb, since is been a while of birb news. they are doing just fine, and being cute. now my birb attacks my hand whenever I reach towards. and biting. but still lands on my shoulder. I’m glad for my birb to be our family and giving good vibes all around.

that’s all. sleep is here.

see ya.


no motivation, birb on the loose, all hopes seemed to be gone, but when I collected all programs I have made in a single project, I was satisfied and a little bit calm. my other were back tired, and curry as dinner. last hour of resting and planning.

today’s mood was hell. everything was heavy and I was constantly hungry, and wasted most of the food stock. even that, it wasn’t enough, so I had to wait for my other to arrive with something else to eat. the game projects I was making is now on the ice age along with my mood problem.

that’s all. nothing else to write here.

see ya.