very good day

today was a okay. I didn’t sleep in the morning and instead I was on the computer developing a game. the second game project saw a kinda big update as fractions of the core mechanic is now resolved barebone. more optimization is needed however. I usually do the task one-by one, stuck in that one task until I can make sure. I’m obsessed at one thing at time. multi tasking is my weakness. however switching the ongoing projects is fine. I can switch between two games as the time permits me to.

as for the birb, they got so used to our house and us that they bother me when I’m on my computer. jumping on my hand, and biting my finger as i press a key. and screaming for no reason. also my birb begun talking. not a perfect vocal, but trying. my birb is growing in conclusion.

the thing I was lacking is the schedule of pill taking. promises and reward. but pills don’t last long so I can’t hold to it forever. I had a little mood swing today as I felt a little annoyed and angry. that resolved as the time passed. afternoon is always a calm time to rest my mind. feeling all good and illusion of strongholds. I wish I was that person that doesn’t care anything even if they are the subject to be targeted. but if I ever be that person, where would my creativity go? my sensitivity is what makes the creation at least for me. my imagination of scenario is what is the outcome. otherwise there is no subject to resolve. creation always has a context and it can’t be just a random scribble of empty thoughts. brain chemicals are weird.

that’s all. sleep is here.

see ya.


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